How to paddle ocean kayak?

How to paddle ocean kayak?

2023-06-05 16:40

Kayaking is a popular water sport. This is a great way to exercise while enjoying time in nature. You need proper guidance before you start kayaking, or you'll end up upside down! Remember that the water is unpredictable and you should always wear a life jacket when kayaking.

Kayak admission
Put on a life jacket and strap on before kayaking for safety. You should never go kayaking without a life jacket. Either buy a life jacket or rent one from a rental company. Put the lifejacket over your head and clip the strap to your chest. Pull the loose ends on the straps to tighten the lifejacket and fit it snugly against your chest.
You should also wear a hardshell helmet if you're whitewater kayaking or river kayaking. It's not a good idea to do this the first time, though.
Find a calm, rock-free area to enter the water from the shore. If you're taking your kayak off a beach or shoreline, look for a flat area with a gentle slope into the water. Avoid areas where you see rocks or debris sticking out of the water.
If you enter your kayak from the dock, you don't need to worry about finding a peaceful place to launch your boat.
Hold the front straps and tow the kayak to shore. To move the kayak, look for fabric straps on the front of the boat. Grab this strap and slowly drag the kayak closer to the water. If you're with other people, feel free to put the kayak together, holding it from the ends so it stays off the ground.
This is not necessary if the kayak is tied to a dock.
Lower the kayak so the cockpit is at the water's edge. Tow the kayak directly to the water's edge. Hold the paddle behind your back while pulling the kayak with your free hand. Continue to drag the kayak and lower it so that the cockpit rests where the water meets the shore.
If the paddle is in front of you and you drop it into the water, it will probably float away.
Quickly get into the cockpit and stick your feet out. With the paddles flat on the back of the cockpit, sit on the edge of the kayak. Then, slowly push your hips into the cockpit, bringing your feet together one at a time. Slide the seat back so you sit up straight, then put your feet out in front of you and sit on the kayak.
If you are getting on from a pier, use the edge of the pier to balance yourself. Keep your feet low in the cockpit to balance your weight. Balance the paddle on the edge of the dock as you enter and sit in your seat.
If there are footboards in the kayak, place your feet on them.
Most people don't wear shoes when kayaking. If you do want to wear shoes, wear water shoes.
Use the paddle and your body weight to push yourself into the water. When you're ready to hit the water, grab the paddle and hold it vertically by your side. Dig the blade into the shore and repeatedly shift your body weight forward to push into the water.
If you are with other people, ask them to push you into the water. It's a lot easier than getting yourself into trouble.
If you board from a dock, either wait for the dockmaster to untie the tether, or untie it from the boat yourself and tie it to the cleats on the dock.


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